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2013 - 2017 Cibap Vakschool voor Verbeelding

Audiovisual / Animation design 

2018 - 2022 ArtEZ Institute of the Arts 

Illustration Design 


2022 To Riso or Not 

Make x Eindhoven


2022 Finals Exposition 

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts

2022 Draw the Line || 

Kunstpodium T x

2022 Dutch Design Week 

Make Eindhoven 

2023 Vrijpaleis Open 



2023 Tijdgeest en Spookbeelden 

NDSMfuse Amsterdam x Merel Hegenbart

2023 Woman in Art / Fotolab Kiekie 

Live drawing in de Hallen Amsterdam

Carlyn Westerink (1995, Kampen)

NDSM-plein 61 Amsterdam

for commissions you can email me:

Carlyn Westerink is a freelance illustrator, based in Amsterdam the Netherlands. In 2022 she obtained her BA Illustration Design at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts.

Working with graphite and colored pencils typifies her illustrations. Her main source of inspiration comes from the deep connection between her and the natural world with cultural, philosophical and socially visions. Her work is a never ending mysterious riddle with aspects of reality, that expands and creates a world by itself. 

2022 De Optimist / digital cultural magazine 

The tourist: 'En hij zag dat het goed was'

2022 / risograph zine 

#30 Overgrown 

2022 Yaël Korse / poster 

Ik ben oké - theatre show

2022 Fraterhuis / poster


2023 Murf.Murw / zine 

Fernweh & Madonna 

2023 VPRO-gids / article illustration 


2023 VPRO-gids / article illustration 



2020 Larry Gall Gallery Zwolle


2021 Biobased Creations x Stadsfestival Zwolle 

Wervel Collectief - the future of cities and neighborhoods 

2021 Biobased Creations x Museum de Fundatie Zwolle

Wervel Collectief - the future of value systems 

2022 Theatre Odeon Zwolle 

Wervel Collectief - installation 'Our city'

2022 Bevrijdingsfestival Overijssel  

Wervel Collectief - 'Talking about freedom'

2021 The symbiosis with the inhumane world


2022 Through Scenery 

Image story about the reconnection between man and nature

19 copies sold

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