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Carlyn Westerink (b. 1995 in Kampen) connects the strange reality with our ruthless nature in the form of detailed yet dreamy drawings. She looks at the world with a thoughtful look. With searching eyes she looks under every paving stone; "There is much more to see under our 'observable' world, there is a whole universe full of ignorance and that fascinates me. "It inspires and gives her peace that there is pure chaos down there instead of the visible complete control we live in today. The guiding principle in Carlyn's work is to let the viewer 'get lost' in her image.

In 2022, Carlyn obtained her BA Illustration Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts. In addition to working on commission, she finds it important to participate into interdisciplinary collaborations. This varies from giving workshops at schools, forming collectives and being part of a progressive gallery, where the artistic climate is viewed under a magnifying glass.

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