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Toekomst van Steden en Wijken,    Carlyn Westerink 2021


Toekomst van Waardesystemen,    Carlyn Westerink 2021

In collaboration with Biobased Creations / Wervel Collectief made a performance where art/music/poetry comes together. 
With this performance, we try to make (complex) social-cultural topics into a visual experience. Where spectators can dream away but on the other hand being more aware of their impact on society. It also encourages to use our philosophical mind. 
This specific project is also in collaboration with Museum de Fundatie Zwolle in combination with the exposition of
Design by Nature 2021. This led to a mobile installation for Zwolse Theaters in Odeon.  

B E V R I J D I N G S F E S T I V A L  O V E R I J S S E L  2 0 2 2

philosophize about freedom

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